Welcome to my blog that will walk you through the transformation of my home located in Kirkland, WA, from a standard house to a smart house. I started this project late 2017.

I am a geek, and I want to automate my house. I want it to be smart, so I can be dumb. I want to set up scenes that I can just use anytime in a simple way.

For example, in the “movie” scene, lights dim automatically, the home theater system turns on, and the temperature of the room gets a little warmer.

Or, I want motorized blinds and shades in the home, and they should close automatically 30 minutes after the sunset, every day of the year. They should also not open before we’re awake.

This kind of stuff. In addition to automating the house, my stretch goal is to program the behavior of all the connected objects, using a programming language. It could be Python, it could be C#, it could be IFTTT, but I want to go beyond the ordinary UI of automation apps. And of course, I want  to talk to the house, through Alexa or any other voice assistant (“house, close all the blinds!”)

In this blog, I’ll be describing the technical solutions I’ve been using, but also all the handyman tricks that I’ve discovered to allow re-use the existing equipment of the house.

My name is Roland Le Franc, and I live in Kirkland, WA, USA.

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