Adding the Sonos sound system

I already have in the house two Sonos systems: a Sonos Connect on the first floor, connected to my old analog amplifier and two large speakers, and a Sonos Play 3 in the master bathroom on the second floor. They’re both connected to the router through Wifi today, although I have the project to wire all video and audio systems in the future.

Wink recently added Sonos to the collection of objects they support.

Adding the Sonos system to Wink

I used the Wink app on my Android phone, connected to the Wifi network at home. The Sonos system is connected to the same network through the router. And the inclusion of the Sonos system to Wink is very simple and takes a minute, following these steps in the app.


Play from the Wink app

Now, the Wink app can be used to control playback, pause and sound volume of the Sonos players in the house.

Program a playback using a Wink robot

Now let’s do some automation using the Wink robots. In the Wink app on my Android phone, I’ll be creating two robots.

  • One robot starts playback when the phone arrives at home. The robot is set up to play the Amazon Music Station ABBA. Its starts playback on both Sonos players in the house.
  • One robot stops playback when the phone leaves home.


Now testing with the Fake GPS app, I can change the location of the phone to any point in the world. And when I put it back to my home, music starts 🙂


Connecting a Sonos system to the Wink Hub 2 is very simple and takes a minute. After you’ve done that, you can command the Sonos players using Wink robots or any other automation that Wink supports (IFTTT) based on events that Wink can detect (location, presence detection, time, temperature, etc).

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